Saving Time and Money

Receiving the right teaching the first time

Taking 4 years to accomplish what could be completed in 2 results in spending twice the amount needed for lessons. Over the past 20 years, our experience has often been that students who came to us after having studied elsewhere had learned in 4 years what they could have learned in 2 or 3. This is unfortunate and when it occurs, it is inevitable that students have to re-learn basic fundamentals. Having to go back to undo certain habits can often diminish the joy of playing and slow up progress, all the while more has to be spent on lessons.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes teachers are wonderful with children but are self-taught or have a general Music Education or Arts degree without the full requirements of a performance degree. Often we find basic fundamentals missing, such as reading rhythm, holding the instrument properly in order to play efficiently and sound good, playing in tune, etc. We also find that teachers are at their best when they don't have non-musical duties (e.g. collecting fees, scheduling, etc.) which can distract them and affect the quality of teaching.

Public and private school music teachers recommend our schools because they agree with our philosophy and understand the tremendous value of our private lessons.

“I highly recommend Avon School of Music and Strongsville Academy of Music’s outstanding staff and commend their willingness to work closely with school band and orchestra directors.”

- Doug Day, retired Bay Village orchestra and band director


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