Music Lessons Program

Focus on Teaching

The Avon, Strongsville, and Fairview Park School of Music offers private music lessons and some small group lessons. We offer music lessons for piano, guitar, electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass, voice, flute, piccolo, saxophone, clarinet, drums, trumpet, and other brass instruments.

Private lessons have the benefit of the focus of one-on-one, whereas group provides the dynamic of peer interaction. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour lessons for private lessons and 45 minute group lessons. Children 4 years old can take 30-minute piano or guitar lessons with a parent.  Our music teachers have university training in the instruments that they teach. We teach students from beginners to very advanced, with several faculty having post-graduate degrees in their instruments. With locations in Avon, Strongsville, Fairview Park, and Westlake we have a convenient location near you.

All we do is teaching. We do not sell or rent musical instruments. This leaves us free to specialize in one thing - providing the highest quality of musical instruction. The directors of the school are all professional performers and educators themselves. The faculty consists of teachers who exhibit a high level of performance in their instrument and that special ability to impart their knowledge to students of all instruments, ages and skill levels. As a school of music, we offer our students advantages that they might not otherwise enjoy such as access to award-winning faculty and a stimulating learning environment.

To help our teachers and students, our management handles all administrative duties such as answering phone calls, scheduling, collecting fees, and arranging concerts, which can take precious time during a lesson. This allows our teachers to concentrate all their attention on their students.

University-Trained Teachers

Our teachers provide the International University-based knowledge of playing their specific instruments and pass along this approach to students of all ages. We understand that students can reach goals faster with teachers who know the techniques of playing as professionals. Many do not realize these techniques can be taught early on. Besides laying a solid foundation, our teachers teach skills that make enjoyment of music more quickly achieved. Because they specialize in their instrument, they have a passion for playing music which inspires students. At our schools, all teachers have these qualifications along with our pedagogical philosophy (see below).

Music Pedagogy

Our pedagogy approach or instructional theory is a blend from the most prestigious music schools of the world and involves catering lessons to the learning style and personality of each student, making learning fun.

Motivational Environment

In a school environment, a student cannot be distracted by t.v., pets, ringing phones, siblings, "what's going on outside" the window, store congestion, or anything else. With only a half-hour to one-hour lesson per week, a professional school environment can produce better results with an atmosphere focused exclusively on learning. Students are also motivated by hearing peers and by being exposed to a variety of musical instruments. This helps translate into more practicing and commitment at home.

Guitar Club and Studio Classes

In addition to private lessons, students have fun playing in a group and for each other with a teacher's instruction. In some studio classes, students take a lesson while others observe. These are designed as an opportunity for interaction that would add to the learning experience as well as help keep up motivation for practicing (frequency of these classes depends upon participation).

Composition/Arranging Lessons

For students interested in writing music, these private lessons enable the student to learn the skills of composition whether in creating music for a song or music for different kinds of instruments.

Theory Lessons

These private lessons are designed for students needing further instruction in music theory or ear training not normally covered in private instrumental lessons. At this level, music theory is often supplemented with composition and is a great preparation for studying music in college. With a good music theory foundation, students have been able to exempt out of theory courses in college.

Exam Preparation

We offer full training in repertoire, studies, technique, theory, and sight-reading to prepare classical students for Guild, OMEA, and OMTA auditions.